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75W LDP Prog Dimmable Outdoor Universal AC


1. Constant power design, output current

2. Setting current with infrared controller or

software interface;
3. 3 in 1 dimming mode: 1~10V, PWM, Timing

dimming control;
4. Surge immunity: DM-5KV, CM-10KV;
5. 5 years warranty.

LED street / tunnel lighting, industrial lighting,

flood lighting, grow lights, stadium lighting, etc.



Input Voltage90~305 Vac



Short Circuit
Input Current1.0AOver Voltage
Inrush Current75AOver Temperature
Power Factor0.96Intelligent ControlIout programmable
THD≤15%1~10V dimming
Operating Temp.-40°C  ~ 60°CPWM dimming
IP RatingIP67Timer step dimming



ModelMax DC PowerVout RangeIout RangeDefault Spec.DimmableEfficiency
LDP-075M054H75W20~54Vdc0.21~2.10 A36Vdc 2.1AYes87%
LDP-075M062H75W35~62dc0.17~1.67 A62Vdc 1.05AYes87%
LDP-075M141H75W60~141Vdc0.11~1.10 A107Vdc 0.7AYes88%
LDP-075M270H75W120~270Vdc0.05~0.53 A 214Vdc 0.35AYes88%
LDP-075R054H75W20~54Vdc0.21~2.10 A36Vdc 2.1ANo87%
LDP-075R062H75W35~62dc0.17~1.67 A62Vdc 1.05ANo87%
LDP-075R141H75W60~141Vdc0.11~1.10 A107Vdc 0.7ANo88%
LDP-075R270H75W120~270Vdc0.05~0.53 A 214Vdc 0.35ANo88%

LDP-075M054H    LDP-075R054H  

LDP-075M062H    LDP-075R062H  

LDP-075M141H    LDP-075R141H  

LDP-075M270H    LDP-075R270H


Set Iout and Timer Step Dimming via Software



Software Interface  


Configure Iout via IR Controller



IR Controller  


Dimming Interface










LDP LCP LHP Programming Guide.pdf

LDP-075 Series Data Sheet A.1.pdf

LDP-75W CB certification.PDF

LDP-75W EMC certification.PDF


5Y Warranty Letter (Standard).pdf

MOSO LED Driver User Instruction-2017.pdf

Warranty Policy for Outdoor LED Luminaries Drivers.pdf