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75W LDP Prog Dimmable Outdoor Universal AC


1. Constant power design, output current

2. Setting current with infrared controller or

software interface;
3. 3 in 1 dimming mode: 1~10V, PWM, Timing

dimming control;
4. Surge immunity: DM-5KV, CM-10KV;
5. 5 years warranty.

LED street / tunnel lighting, industrial lighting,

flood lighting, grow lights, stadium lighting, etc.



Input Voltage90~305 Vac



Short Circuit
Input Current1.0AOver Voltage
Inrush Current75AOver Temperature
Power Factor0.96Intelligent ControlIout programmable
THD≤15%1~10V dimming
Operating Temp.-40°C  ~ 60°CPWM dimming
IP RatingIP67Timer step dimming



ModelMax DC PowerVout RangeIout RangeDefault Spec.DimmableEfficiency
LDP-075M054H75W20~54Vdc0.21~2.10 A36Vdc 2.1AYes87%
LDP-075M062H75W35~62dc0.167~1.67 A62Vdc 1.21AYes87%
LDP-075M141H75W60~141Vdc0.11~1.10 A107Vdc 0.7AYes88%
LDP-075M270H75W120~270Vdc0.05~0.53A 214Vdc 0.35AYes88%
LDP-075R054H75W20~54Vdc0.21~2.10 A36Vdc 2.1ANo87%
LDP-075R062H75W35~62dc0.167~1.67 A62Vdc 1.21ANo87%
LDP-075R141H75W60~141Vdc0.11~1.10 A107Vdc 0.7ANo88%
LDP-075R270H75W120~270Vdc0.05~0.53A 214Vdc 0.35ANo88%

LDP-075M054H    LDP-075R054H  

LDP-075M062H    LDP-075R062H  

LDP-075M141H    LDP-075R141H  

LDP-075M270H    LDP-075R270H


Set Iout and Timer Step Dimming via Software



Software Interface  


Configure Iout via IR Controller



IR Controller  


Dimming Interface










LDP LCP LHP Programming Guide.pdf

LDP 75W series datasheet.pdf

75W CE+TUV MARK Certification.PDF

LDP-75W CB Certification.PDF

LDP-75W SAA Certificate.pdf

LDP-75W 低压 CCC证书.pdf

LDP-75W 高压 CCC证书.pdf

LDP-75W~200W BIS registration letter (MOSO).pdf

LDP-75W~320W ENEC Certification.pdf

LDP-75W~320W UL Approval.pdf

5Y Warranty Letter (Standard).pdf

MOSO LED Driver User Instruction-2017.pdf

Warranty Policy for Outdoor LED Luminaries Drivers.pdf