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Service System

As one of the top 100 high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen,MOSO owns first-class technical strength and profound technical reserves. Theconcept of full-crew service has been thoroughly embodied in the work of eachMOSO staff all the time.
Service tenet:

To meet the customer requirement is the starting pointand final objective of MOSO service.

Scope of service:

MOSO product is guaranteed for 5 years form the date ofex-factory.

Information feedback:

Formulate the specific data form against the lampsinstalled by the customer, including the installation province, city (county),section of highway, and quantity, product specification, to facilitate thesubsequent service. See Customer LEDStreetlight Installation Information Distribution Form for formulation ofform.

Service personnel:

All personnel have been strictly and symmetricallyextensive trained, with comprehensive and exquisite technology, abundantexperience, and practical experience for more than two years.

Accessory protection:

On the account of the specifications mentioned in theinformation feedback form, more than 100 products shall be equipped in each ofservice centers in Beijingand Shenzhen, to timely maintain LED streetlight and rapidly solve the userproblem.

Supervision and management:

The company has established the national hotline serviceteam, to release to the customer and specially receive the quality feedbackinformation about the company product from the customer, timely record inwriting, and make a feedback to related internal departments within 30 minutes,as well as uniformly manage, and make a written record. After-sale servicepersonnel wear the service uniform with “MOSO Power Service Team” and strictlyoperate in accordance with MOSO regulations, who are supervised and may becomplained by the customer to MOSO.

Establish partnership with customers:

Partnership is not the optional relationship, which is anatural result from provision of service for customer, as well as the solemncommitment. It means that we closely connect our future with the customerfuture, consider the customer demand as our unique target, and take thecustomer satisfaction as the symbol of our success.